Naked Massage London

Yoni sensual massage & tuition is the both way sensual massage. Is when you receive the best sensual massage then return the favor. For men, it is an invitation to learn more about the female mystery and to develop a better understanding of it.

Sensual Naked Massage London

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the women’s private body parts. Sanskrit is the ancient sacred language of India used for the sciences and other sacred texts. Its meaning and use show an honoring of the female genitalia. It is especially helpful for men to learn that the Tantric perspective of respect and regard toward the female figure, sexual anatomy, self, and soul are embodied by the concept of the Yoni.

Naked Massage London

Naked Massage London

The same respect is also shown for the male’s genitals called the Lingam in Sanskrit which loosely translated as a ‘Wand of Light’.
The purpose of the new naked massage is to create a space for the woman to receive focused attention so that she can attain long, delicious states of relaxation and achieve high states of sustained arousal. This allows her to recognize and experience her mind and body during deep pleasure derived from her Yoni. The giver will experience the joy of being of service and witnessing the profound pleasure potential a woman is capable of sensual massage London .

Naked sensual massage builds trust and intimacy and it is important for the giver to remember this aspect. Soft, attentive communication is paramount during the session, especially at first. Various forms of naked massage can be used to a fuller expression of her sexual nature.
The goal of naked massage is not orgasm though that can be one of the many pleasurable outcomes of the massage. If there is a goal, other than deep, focused pleasure, it is to allow the opening of the recognition of how deep our pleasure can evolve. What is the capacity to ‘hang-out’ in expanded pleasure?

This is something that takes a time to cultivate. It is our suggestion that you plan on trying this practice several times over the course as long as it would take you to see how it can shift, change and transform into your own design for increasing your pleasure quotient.

There is no need to worry about achieving something because the lesson is in ‘being’ present with what is real in the moment. Bringing in the practices of conscious breathing,  sensual touch, moving the sexual energy built to all areas of the body, and maintaining eye contact for most of the massage are essential things to practice while receiving and giving. With the ever-expanding cultural demands on new heights of potential sexual ecstasy, it is not in the best interest of the receiver to have undone expectations put upon her. Just focus on her, have fun and make it ‘sacred’ in ways that fit your own sense of the oneness.

Sensual Outcall Massage London

You can agree ahead of time that each of you will get your turn. There are incredible gifts to giving and being of service to another. The giver will receive profound rewards in the giving and when their turn comes they will be able to receive the attention and gift even better because of the giving. There is always the possibility in other sexual activities after the massage but find out if the masseuse is offering those extras.

One of the best ways to do something for yourself is visiting sensual massage salon. If this is not for you, and you prefer more intimacy, you can choose an outcall massage London parlor, that can offer masseuses directly at your own hotel room. There you can enjoy exactly the same services at the same quality but you’re in your own territory and have all the reasons to be more confident.

In our Bayswater parlour, you can get yourself completely relaxed with the help of our qualified masseuses. These beautiful women are qualified and very intuitive and are capable of finding the hot spots on anybody’s body. After that, they will use their touch to obtain the maximum pleasure for you and keep you going as much as possible to maximize all the sensations and offer you an experience to remember. The oriental culture influenced very much this domain, adding value through the various types of massage that were brought here. The nuru massage London became famous for is such an example. It uses a specific type of massage gel, very slippery, made of aloe, that helps the body of the masseuse slide against yours in a very sensual body to body massage. Another kind of massage that comes from far away is the tantric massage London offers, influenced by the Indian philosophy on physical love. It uses sexual energy to achieve a deep state of relaxation and helps the client become more confident about his own sexuality and solve any issues that he might have on the matter.

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